Small batch coffee roasting.  Really.

We’re a niche roaster—there’s no doubt about it. And while most roasters need to focus on multiple commercial accounts to cover costs, we’re positioned to roast for you, the end consumer. We keep our costs low and leverage that position to offer roast-to-order coffee—even for a single bag order. From monthly subscriptions to the single bag or sampler pack, count on us for freshly roasted amazingness.

Not all things to all people.

Flavored coffee? Sorry, not here. Pre-ground beans? Nope—whole bean only. Why? We want you to experience coffee at its best. A coffee roaster should be a subject matter expert—someone you can trust to know the product intimately and guide you through the ins and outs of this amazing but often misunderstood beverage. From sustainability issues to brewing parameters and equipment suggestions, we can be your guide.